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May 2018


Love at first everything…

AMOR; an intense feeling of deep affection.


A sense of protection we long for from the moment we are conceived. Although we are able to express ourselves in more elaborate ways especially on days like today; Valentine’s Day… I sometimes wonder why?! Does a red rose really show how much you care? Don’t get me wrong! I do enjoy the thought of receiving gift(s) on these fun occasions and being pampered for absolutely no reason, but looking at my furry little friends I start to understand how simple it really is.


The moment I found out that I was pregnant, I automatically switched to defense mode. My husband and I fell down on our knees, crying of happiness and immediately felt “love at first everything”. Even though I was not aware of what to expect from my journey to motherhood, everything just naturally fell into place. I stopped consuming the things that might harm my “Petit Pois”, slowed down on the workload and made sure I was consuming all the necessary vitamins and minerals to grow a healthy baby girl.


As natural as it was for us to fall in love with our daughter we where unsure about how our Princess Pebbles (Jack Russel) would handle this new situation. Being our #1 for 5 years I was obviously afraid that jealousy would be an issue. The moment Pebbles laid eyes on newborn baby Lyla her tail started going a hundred miles per hour. She was carefully curious to meet the Little Mermaid that today is her Best Friend.