Expect the Unexpected!

About 6 weeks ago I was visiting my friend and “Maid of Honor” Bobbie as we chatted over a couple of bottles of wine. Nothing out of the ordinary… only the next morning I woke up feeling extremely sick. As I ran to the bathroom to well you know what 🙁 I questioned my tolerance as I was sure I did not overdo it the previous night.

I had plans to meet my husband for lunch that day so I decided to pass by the pharmacy and get some anti nausea medicine. Took those… helped for maybe half hour. As I was sitting at lunch I started smelling everything that could make my stomach feel even more upset. That’s when it hit me! Could it be? Noooo. It’s impossible.

Life is Magic!

This story began about 5 years ago… after our amazing wedding! We’ve always wanted children but I knew it would be a challenge as I have always had problems with my hormones from the very start… After 3 years of trial & error, a lot of love and patience we finally got to say hello to our beautiful baby Lyla. After she was born we discussed with our doctor and decided to see if my hormones would regulate by themselves. Unfortunately my hormones where stuck in pregnancy mode and after months of wondering and waiting I decided to go and see my doctor again. Lyla was 11 months at that time so of course I started to get worried.

lyla-4 our medical miracle Dazed & Confused lyla 4 lyla-2 our medical miracle Dazed & Confused lyla 2lyla-3 our medical miracle Dazed & Confused lyla 3 lyla-5 our medical miracle Dazed & Confused lyla 5

That’s no Breaking News!

As I explained my situation my Doctor decided to do a check up and see if everything was ok. His exact words where: “Well your ovaries don’t work but that’s no breaking news!”. We all laughed at his joke as we already suspected we would have to do the same treatment we did to conceive our baby girl. He recommended medication to boost my hormones and get my body out of the pregnancy mode it’s been in for almost a year after our Lyla was born. He explained that this was no pregnancy boosting medication that it would be best to wait about 6 months before we started any type of treatment again. My body needed time to rest and get back in shape. I was ok with that as end of the year was the perfect moment to start trying again. I took the pills right after and they worked! I was happy I started losing weight very quickly and easily after compared to my efforts before. I decided to test my body again and not take the pills and see what happens. Two months passed and nothing… so I took them again. Waited the week after my last pill… nothing… 15 days… still nothing. 🙁

Back to 6 weeks ago…

So now you can understand why I could not believe that I was having pregnancy symptoms. It was just impossible to me as I knew my ovaries didn’t work without medication. As the day goes by I keep getting more sick. I start to get really nervous as I know I took those pills and they haven’t done their job as yet. Did my body get used to the pills? Do they not work for me anymore? I got so scared and called my doctor right away! His secretary kept saying that he was busy with clients so out of being extremely desperate I went to the office and waited in the car until he came back from lunch. As soon as I saw him I nearly started crying he asked me right away if I had an appointment… of course I didn’t but I told him that I took my pills and they didn’t work! He said don’t worry try again in two weeks if by then they don’t work take a pregnancy test. As he was saying that I replied: “Will do but I’ve been feeling sick since this morning”. He recommended doing a pregnancy test and calling his office to make an appointment if it was positive… “You can get pregnant by yourself” He said; “Most unlikely but Miracles do happen! Relax let me know”.

DSC_8383-fb our medical miracle Dazed & Confused DSC 8383 fb1 dazed&confused our medical miracle Dazed & Confused dazedconfused


It’s a Medical Miracle! – Dr Brideron

As I took the test I had no worries… I wasn’t pregnant; like I said before it’s impossible. Seems the first batch of medication triggered an ovulation 2 months after, giving us ONE UNPREDICTED CHANCE in 14 Months. It took us 6 months with Lyla after we discovered the shots that finally did the trick! Knowing the EXACT moment when we had the best chance of conceiving.

This unexpected Gift, Medical Miracle, whatever you want to call it has both made us extremely happy and extremely scared. Are we prepared for this? Maybe not… Will it all end well?! We sure hope so. I’m 12 weeks today almost through my first trimester. Our checkup is this upcoming Monday and our fingers are crossed it’s still growing and healthy! But one thing is for sure… no matter what happens I no longer want to keep this secret! It’s time to tell me world we did it on our own and there is hope for all who struggle to conceive!

Until then we shall remain Dazed & Confused!

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UPDATE!: So good so far! Baby is healthy! Now we wait to find out what we’re having!