Things have been quite exciting in my little island life these past couple of days… During the 37th Annual St. Maarten Heineken Regatta, I had the privilege to meet one of my most favorite reggae artists; Collie Buddz. I can remember many road trips with my now Husband singing “I’m Blind to you” at the top of our lungs and dancing to the sounds of “Mamacita”.

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1. If you where to introduce yourself to someone who doesn’t know who Collie Buddz is; how would you introduce yourself?

Colin Patrick Harper, Reggae artist, mixed with a little bit of dancehall, a little bit of Soca; I’m all about the feel good music.

2. Obviously your music is caribbean inspired; what made you choose to do reggae over for example hiphop?

Living in Bermuda, reggae music was the only music that we knew. The island is small so we don’t really have our own music but reggae basically became just that.

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3. What’s your best childhood memory living the island life?

Growing up in Bermuda I remember that we just walked everywhere or rode our bikes everywhere… it was a care free childhood; you want to go to the beach?! you just go to the beach. It was such a nice feeling growing up there.

Collie Buddz #SXMHR2017 Collie Crowd

4. What do you miss the most when you’re “off island”?

Well you know that’s my home, you know I would say I miss my family & friends the most. I’ve been living there for so long and when I started traveling you just feel home sick and Bermuda is so beautiful, I just miss home.

5. How do you balance your professional life with your role as a family man.

Well its taken some adjusting as its very hard to be away from my kids for long periods of time but my tour manager makes sure that he schedules the tours in a way that if we tour for 3 weeks; we go home for 3 weeks. We manage to work around it but I definitely miss them.

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6. When you feel a lack of creative flow, what helps you focus and get back on track?

That’s a good question. I haven’t really figure that out yet. I kinda just let it go; I leave it alone until I get that vibe, until I get that itch then I jump back in the studio.

7. We know you’ve been on St. Maarten a couple of times before; is there something in particular that stands out about this island?

Oh Yeh! You guys are open to a lot more stuff. It kind of feels like home too because of the size of it, the population is about the same but I haven’t had the time to really explore St Maarten but would definitely want to.

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8. What is the one thing you can never give up. It can be anything. 

Probably music! You know even if I’m not performing I would still be behind the scenes like the engineering part of it. No matter what I’ll never give up music, its been a blessing in my life.

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9. If you could go back in time and give 18 year old you a piece of advice; what would that be?

Get Ready! You know in the beginning when we started touring everything was like, we just go, we were flying around the world and back then I had never done a stage show before, never did interviews so it was like ‘baptism by fire’ right off the bat. It was definitely a crazy ride, I wished I was more prepared for that. I always knew I wanted to do something with music, but I never thought I would become an artist. I studied audio engineering at Full Sail University and graduated in 2001, from then I started making my own beats, just kinda messing around with everything… about 4 or 5 years later I got signed to Sony and that was it.

10. When Collie Buddz is no more; what would you like to be remembered for besides your music? 

I always wanted to start a music school in Bermuda, just to give the kids a basic knowledge that they can take with them to college or if they want to pursue a career in music at least they get a foundation. I also want to do some more charity work because even though we have it pretty good in Bermuda, there are still some families that can use a little help.

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That night the show was FIRE absolutely amazing. I danced the night away… I even got to sneak on stage for some closer shots. Thank you Collie Buddz for the beautiful experience and thank you Heineken Regatta for always providing some SERIOUS FUN!

Collie Buddz #SXMHR2017 Collie Chemaine